DIY Body Bar Production

A Body Bar is a solid lotion that melts on contact with skin. It is portable, easy to use, and effective. I also really like making this DIY project, and would consider doing large-scale production after legalization if there is enough interest**.  It is organic, contains minimal ingredients, and smells naturally good. You won’t smell like weed!


I have found this product to be remarkably helpful between sublingual doses, or during acute flare-ups. I sometimes use this at night on my hands under thin cotton gloves. Others who have sampled it found relief from a chronically sore knee, and sciatica. For certain conditions it works within 10 minutes, and lasts about 2 hours. For some conditions it has no effect.

The higher the CBD content, the more effective it is.


Starting with the Cannabis Oil Extraction recipe, there are just a few more steps and adjustments you need to do. You can use the resulting oil from the recipe (for a full strength product), or the residual oil collected in Step 8, Bullet #4 (for a diluted version which is still effective).

You will need small plastic containers that are slightly wider at the top than the bottom (otherwise the bar will not pop out easily).

  1. From the Cannabis Oil Extraction recipe, use coconut oil (all 110g) as your extraction oil. (It solidifies at cooler temperatures, making the Body Bar more portable.)
  2. Prepare the oil extraction and put aside once strained. This will be added in Step 6.
  3. Melt 16g beeswax on medium-low heat on the stove.
  4. Add 1/8 cup mango seed butter (or shea butter) once the beeswax has completely melted.
  5. Blend, being careful not to splash the hot liquid.
  6. Add the cannabis-infused coconut oil. Mix well.
  7. Pour into containers, leaving room at the top for the lid to fit comfortably. 20180805_170754
  8. Allow to fully cool without moving the container before putting the lids on. This is when the shape of the bar is set.20180805_172304


Bar is too hard, tugging on skin instead of melting:

  • Melt the bars again, adding ¼ teaspoon shea butter. Pour into containers and cool completely

Bar is too soft, is not solid, or does not pop out cleanly:

  • Melt ¼ teaspoon beeswax, add the soft Body Bars to the fully melted beeswax, stirring to blend. Pour into containers and allow to cool completely.

I don’t like the smell:

  • Tough it out. The smell will dissipate in roughly 10 minutes. 
  • Do not add essential oils, as some of them are irritants.
  • This isn’t a cosmetic product. Keep it simple.

Using the Body Bar

To use your Body Bar the first time, invert the cooled container into your hand, and the bar should pop out. You may have to tap it gently to release the bar the first time.

20180924_203649Glide the Body Bar over your skin where required. The warmth of your skin will melt the Body Bar, and you can rub it in to increase circulation in the area. Massage the area frequently. You may not need to reapply the topical.

This does not get into your bloodstream, so even if it contains THC, there will be no psychoactive effects.

Recommended Strains

Experiment with different strains to see what works best for you. Cannatonic (Tower) by Aurora is my clear winner so far. I’m working on Durga Mata II and Nebula II once they are cured. Harlequin is on my wishlist.

Up next? Perhaps a tincture-based lotion. I am toying with a water-based recipe because I think a non-oily option would be great. I will write a post if it works out.ğŸ¤ž

(…and it did work out – right here!)


  • As an oil-based product, this Body Bar may stain your clothing.
  • This is not edible!
  • This is not a microwave recipe. Use your stovetop.
  • Coconut oil liquifies under hot conditions. Keep the container well sealed and in the upright position if it starts to get soft.

** Health Canada held an online live seminar about small-scale production licenses.  I learned that security measures, and the initial and ongoing fees, would both be cost-prohibitive for me. The cost:benefit is too risky. My definition of “small scale” is very different from theirs. I’m still working on a way to do this legally, perhaps where a client purchases or grows their own, and I offer a manufacturing service.

Your comments & creative solutions are welcome on this.



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