Cannabis Seedling: Day 29

Reaching for the grow lights. This repotted plant needs a stronger light, but it's not warm enough to go outside yet. The "vegetative" stage is near, and I'm watching for explosive growth. (I'm always uncertain of when to call it truly vegetative. It just creeps up on me every year.) Here is a node in … Continue reading Cannabis Seedling: Day 29

Cannabis Seedling: Day 21

Week 3, and this plant is too leggy. At 14cm (5.5in) tall, it's time for a new home for this CBD Plus seedling. I will neck this up with soil as high as possible. New stabilizing roots will emerge from the fuzzy stem hairs. There are 3 sets of true leaves. Note that the newest … Continue reading Cannabis Seedling: Day 21

Cannabis Seedling: Day 7

A sprout! This seed has germinated. Note the seed casing has fallen off and sits on the soil surface. This doesn't always happen, and the casing comes up stuck on these leaves, eventually getting pushed off by the growing cotyledon leaves. Now we wait for these two leaves to unfurl and turn green. Maintaining humidity … Continue reading Cannabis Seedling: Day 7