🌟 Cannabis Oil Recipe🌟 [pinned]

This is my favourite cannabis oil extraction recipe. It combines the best of all of my experiments. It yields ~90ml of oil extraction, which you can use in several ways. Find all these uses at the end of this post. Let's get cooking ... Step 1: Gather Your Materials 10 grams cured cannabis flowerCasserole dish … Continue reading 🌟 Cannabis Oil Recipe🌟 [pinned]

A Weed in My Lawn

I almost ran the lawn mower over this wee girl. No idea where she came from. None of my plants were close to this sloping hill last year, plus the entire back lawn was scraped, topped with fresh soil and seeded, yet a seed found a home. Unknown Strain of Cannabis Grows in Lawn Nothing … Continue reading A Weed in My Lawn

Cannabis Flowering: Days 160 and 169

September signals the coming closure to the outdoor growing season for cannabis in southern Ontario, Canada. The harvest is near. Scents intensify and reveal the unique terpenes of each cultivar. People ask, "Is there a skunk nearby?". Sounds of the frightening crack of a main stem splitting under the weight of heavy rains and the … Continue reading Cannabis Flowering: Days 160 and 169