Cannabis Oil Recipe

After two seasons of experimentation, this is my favourite cannabis oil extraction recipe. For more recipes and information, click on the bold green hyperlinks below or check the menu headings. Let's get cooking ... 🔷️ This recipe yields ~90ml of edible oil which may be used medically, recreationally, or as a base for topicals.   … Continue reading Cannabis Oil Recipe

September Brings Bud Rot

Every year at this time, some bud rot appears on my outdoor flowering cannabis. Just when things are looking good, feeling sticky, and smelling great. I don't panic anymore. Look for odd bunching of leaves, or changes in colour (tan, buff, grey). Then grab your pointy shears, and lop it off with a generous cut … Continue reading September Brings Bud Rot

Cannabis and Gnats

Sudden Death Two bonsai cannabis plants have succumbed to gnats. This seems to be an indoor problem for me. I have difficulty balancing the moisture needs of newly transplanted clones, with the drier conditions that prevent gnat infestations in the soil. Sticky Traps I use blue Horiver-TR sticky traps by Koppert for indoor seedlings and … Continue reading Cannabis and Gnats

Male VS Female Cannabis

Why Check Your Plants for Sex? Unless you are breeding cannabis, you want a FEMALE plant. If you find a MALE - get rid of it as soon as you confirm it is a male. For homegrown cannabis in Ontario, Canada (Greater Toronto Area)  I have found that my plants flower anytime between June 5 … Continue reading Male VS Female Cannabis

Bonsai Cannabis Update

These potential bonsai mother cannabis plants are intentionally small. There's a bit of yellowing, but I'm holding off with the fertilizer for now. Roots are showing from the bottoms of two clay pots. I made one of the five clones bigger, just to see how the growth compares with the smaller ones. (It's also much … Continue reading Bonsai Cannabis Update

Splinting Cannabis

Mid-summer is the right time in the growing season to shore up any weak spots in outdoor cannabis plants. Flowers are developing mass, and that will add lots of momentum to branches swaying in big winds. Don't wait until a branch tears or breaks - you will likely need another set of hands to do … Continue reading Splinting Cannabis

Transplanting a Mother Cannabis

A tiny "CBD Plus" clone is transplanted into a wee 2.5" clay pot. The soil was wetted with a very weak root fertilizer from Active Hydro Science. It receives 24 hours of light under a Jump Start T5 light fixture, and no more nutrients until it is transplanted into a larger pot. This is my … Continue reading Transplanting a Mother Cannabis

Cannabis Bonsai? Why Not

It's far too late in the outdoor growing season to plant young clones - they will never make it to full flower by the fall harvest window - but I practice my cloning skills anyway. With some success cloning in water, I thought it would be good to try growing a "mother" plant. A mother … Continue reading Cannabis Bonsai? Why Not

Cloning Cannabis the Easy Way

Every attempt to clone some cannabis plants this season has failed. I tried: long cuttings short cuttings rooting gel alone rooting powder alone rooting gel + rooting powder soil + vermiculite perlite water with a root-boosting liquid supplement Nothing. As an outdoor grower, I am running out of time. So I stuck some "CBD Plus"  … Continue reading Cloning Cannabis the Easy Way

☀️ Summertime Cannabis Oil Extractions

Summer temperatures are hot enough to make a 100% coconut oil cannabis extraction. No grapeseed oil this time. Pure coconut oil always tastes best. [My usual DIY edible oil recipe includes a ratio of 2:1 coconut:grapeseed oil when room temperatures are below 23°C. Otherwise everything solidifies in my dropper bottles.] My setup: And a peek … Continue reading ☀️ Summertime Cannabis Oil Extractions

Always Prune Cannabis

No more experiments with unpruned cannabis! I wanted to see the natural shape, and how flowers would form without pruning on one of my "CBD Plus" from Dinafem Things got out of hand quickly with a spindly stem and leggy branches. So I got on the ladder(!) to trim. Once I got there I could … Continue reading Always Prune Cannabis